McDonald Madness

Waiting for the T last week, I glanced at a Metro paper clearly bashing McDonald’s so I had  to read it. Local docs are finally putting up a fight to end fast food marketing to children. To be more specific, Ronald McDonald is going down. No surprise that the rate of overweight and obese children between 10 and 17 years old in Massachusetts as of 2007 is 30%. And with 35 McDonald locations in Boston alone (not including other areas of MA), you do the math. 

But the highlight of the article? A statement from McDonald’s.

 “McDonald’s cares about kids … We serve high quality food, and our Happy Meals offer choice and variety in portions just for kids … As the face of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Ronald is an ambassador for good and delivers important messages to kids on safety, literacy and balanced, active lifestyles.”

Hold on. Did they just say HIGH quality food?

Please issue a copy of  The Omnivore’s Dilemma to every existing McDonald employee and get back to me on that.

How is that for promoting literacy?

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