Love Your Veggies

I would choose a smoothie over ice cream any day (although a miniature plain froyo topped with pineapple chunks, courtesy of Red Mango, comes in a close second). So naturally I’m down to create a strawberry/spinach smoothie.

But chugging broccoli? Aside from the fact that I actually like broccoli (call me crazy), this just seems absurd. Unless you’re five years old and have to koala-rize your toast to make it edible, there is no reason to have to force feed yourself any type of food.

Ultimately, you could try one of the other beta-carotene, potassium, and fiber enriched vegetables out there ( ie. carrots, sweet potatoes, or squash) before inhaling a microwaved mess. Plus, doesn’t Jackie Warner know that the microwave zaps nutrients completely? If you’re considering downing any vegetable for its nutritional benefits, at least boil or steam them.

So there you go: Smoothie, yes. Chugging vegetables for nutrients, no thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Love Your Veggies

  1. Slim Em says:

    Hmm, I have never thought of adding veggies to my smoothie. I guess because I like veggies and eat them anyway. I love smoothies though. Yummy! lol

  2. I just got into making spinach smoothies and have been chugging them ever since! Haven’t tried broccoli yet though…

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