Five Portable Products for Your Rainy Day Commute

If I learned anything this past month it’s that A. it frequently rains in Boston (by frequently I mean A LOT) and B. that can make your morning commute to work a living nightmare, especially if you’re travelling by public transportation. To avoid looking like a wet mess during morning rush hour, keep in mind these five lifesaving products – small enough to fit in your favorite clutch. You’ll be back to looking your best in no time!

Five Portable Products for Your Rainy Day Commute

1: Portable Purple Umbrella, a spin on the traditional rain accessory.
2: Miniature 1/2 inch Keratin Complex Flat Iron, when the umbrella fails it’s a perfect quick fix for those frizzy bangs
3: The Ipod Shuffle is a great mood booster. Zone out the rain and zone into your favorite song. With a 500 song wingspan, it’s perfect for the morning train ride.
4: Yosi Samra Ballet Flats fold in half for easy storage. Holding better quality than most portable flats, they are a great
option for the office, after all Wellies are NOT work appropriate.
5: Avon Waterproof Mini Mascara won’t give you raccoon eyes. Looking like you didn’t go home last night…big no no.

When the weather’s out of line, what must haves are in your bag?


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