Meatless Monday: Lettuce Wraps

In honor of Meatless Mondays (a grassroots effort to promote good health and benefit the environment), I’ve decided to make lettuce wraps. I tried some at The British Beer Company and ordered them I twice. Yeah, they were that good.

Although I’ve never fully committed to vegetarianism  (I’ve tried a few times), I definitely don’t eat meat everyday. So going meatless one day a week isn’t really much of a challenge. I do think it’s a great though for individuals who feel like they have to eat meat with every meal to feel full, which isn’t the case.

There are a ton of health and environmental benefits listed on the website that might surprise you, but in short:

“Going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help reduce your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel.”

Those are some pretty powerful lettuce wraps…

What’s in them:
Zucchini, red, yellow, and green slice bell peppers, green beans and onions
2 Tbsp Zesty Lemon Humus
1 Tsp of low sodium soy sauce drizzled on top
2 Tbsp Crushed Pineapple (for a sweet, tangy taste)
I used raw veggies but ultimately you can grill, fry, or steam them to perfection.
P.S. Check out SpaBettie’s post – Thai Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps!

One thought on “Meatless Monday: Lettuce Wraps

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