Heretic City: Kimberly Benson Gives Boston Some Edge

Last year Kimberly Benson and Heretic City took Boston by storm. The edgy line consisted of ten (mens and women) graphics portraying characters living in a non conformed city. Images of birds and guns played a major role and controversial quotes like “An Unspeakable Hate…A Devastating Love” and “He stole my love…So I took his life” left the customer to create a representation of their own. Formerly a vendor for New York City’s popular outside markets, introducing Boston to a line of alluring yet thought-provoking illustrations was I admit, a bit riskee.

Could Boston break free from its daily uniform driven by the Longchamp tote, Uggs, and Northface obsession? Not to offend, after all I love this city, but sometimes when I see a group of girls sporting the same get up but in different colors I can’t help  asking where all the creativity and individuality has gone. Thankfully the youth has spoken  and street fashion is becoming more and more intriguing to watch. As Boston fashion evolves, I am excited to watch  Heretic City’s new direction evolve as well.

“The first season’s designs stand as the basis of the brand, recalls Benson, each graphic telling its own story.” The new line, however, focuses more on larger images without text, inspired from a few popular pieces from the first line. This was a smart move. The graphics are still edgy and unique but they appeal to a wider range of consumers. Individuals who were overwhelmed by the comic book appeal will love this season’s tee.

Fortunately, Benson’s first line is still available at (first come, first serve of course). To purchase the pieces from the new line, visit the Independent Designer’s Market, next held on July 9th (Noon – 6pm) and will continue every second saturday of the month. The I.D. Market is located at Harvard Square – 30 Brattle St., Cambridge MA 02138 – red line Harvard T stop.

Be sure to follow Heretic City on Facebook to be notified of  their upcoming venues!

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