Globe-trotting? Get Some Green Guidance!

In honor of Kate Moss and British rocker Jamie Hince finally tying the knot – the beaming bride opted for a hippy-style turquoise dress for her rehearsal dinner, which looked like it could have been borrowed from her mother Linda’s old clothing collection from the 70s  (in case you were wondering) – it seems only right to anticipate the news of their honeymoon hotspot. We all know Kate Moss is down to earth, no really, this gal’s eco-friendly – so is her green lifestyle playing a part? We hope so. In the meantime check out these great eco tourism picks. Perfect for planning the big day or if you just need to get away…

In a perfect world the honeymoon planning would be as thoughtless and enjoyable as the honeymoon itself. In a perfect world your honeymoon venue would run on renewable energy sources, donate to environmental causes, and never ask you to compromise your vegan diet on your vacation. Well, my friends you’ve just entered a perfect world because your dream green getaway awaits you. With these options you can sleep soundly on those organic cotton sheets knowing that your next vacation itinerary will be directly aligned with your green ideals – all thanks to Eco-tourism.

Featured here, you lucky globe-trotters, are agencies willing go the extra mile, ready  to attack every-day business practices with environmentally conscious weaponry.  These agencies have extensive  experience with local recycling programs, community involvement, and make environmentally responsible decisions regarding sensitive land areas and endangered species.  These diverse and fun experiences will undoubtedly have you talking about your honeymoon long after it ends!

If you’re craving a unique honeymoon experience, the Alaskan wilderness has just what you need. The Travel Specialists plan trips that allow you to tap into your inner explorer. Marvel at jaw dropping views of Alaska’s snow capped mountains, take a short hike on the Marino Trail, or spend your days happily sprawled out by a lake that looks too

pristine to be real. And of course, if the only kind of sight seeing you’ve got planned for your honeymoon is out of your bedroom window, stay in a secluded national park cabin where your freshly married selves can learn the forest’s secrets together.

If you’re opting for a more tropical atmosphere, Costa Rica is a perfect honeymoon destination, and GapAdventures will surely get  your adrenaline pumping! Learn to surf the famous Pacific breaks at Playa Hermosa under the guidance of Zopilote Surf Camp.

With sunsets that are notorious for painting the sky in vibrant pinks and heart-wrenching oranges, Costa Rica’s beauty is flawless. Calming breezes, citrus aromas and soft sandy shores make up a delicious recipe for an incredibly romantic and relaxing honeymoon. It’s so good, you’ll want seconds.

And for our third and final location, we take you even further east to the one and only India. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with a 15 day tour specially designed for you by EcoIndia to offer you honeymooners the greatest sense of harmony to build upon in your marriage to come. Covering destinations like Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Shivpuri, Agra, and Jaipur, dare to experience new cultures and spiritual practices. Breathe deeply, serenely, and easily, and let EcoIndia  make all the arrangements for you.

A green honeymoon is the perfect blend of romance and eco-responsibility — it’s sweet, delicate, adventurous, subtle and sexy. Celebrate your lives together on a mountaintop in Alaska, in the tropical waters of Costa Rica, or in the colorful cities of India. Celebrate your love for each other by hiking in cool mountain air, surfing the white wake, or singing the universal ohm. And lastly, celebrate your Earth by starting your marriage in an eco friendly manner.

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