3 Running Buds That Will Keep Your Music in Check

3 Running Buddies That Will Keep Your Music in Check
Blasting music while you run can really boost energy. But no one wants to be that guy or girl who drops their iPod mid sprint on the treadmill (guilty!), only to interrupt their workout.  Take a look at these workout friendly alternatives that can take your run to the next level.
(1) Arm band  – Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last five years, you’ve definitely seen these bad boys around. If you’re using anything other than the shuffle, investing in an arm band can be a smart choice. Trust me, nothing can ruin a workout sesh more than seeing your iPod touch crash to the floor in slow motion…
Price: Reasonable – Apple sells a few different varieties ranging between $30 – $60
(2) Wi- Gear iMuffs – These headphones operate on Bluetooth, which means you can run to music wirelessly. How, you ask? They come with a Bluetooth adapter you can plug into your iPod. And, best of all, iPod controls are on the earpiece. Convenient!
Price: Might be more than you paid for your iPod but worth it if you find yourself hitting the road a lot – $129
(3) Oakley Thump Pro 1GB Sunglasses – For the running gear junkie, these Oakleys have interchangeable lenses, are sweat resistant, and have premium sound built right into the ear pieces. If you are serious about staying focused on your sport, hate fumbling with ear buds and running without sunglasses isn’t an option, then these are for you.
Price: Splurge – $309 on Amazon
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