Etsy Gets Some Book Lovin’

Not that I’m against the kindle (an ultimate space saver in my purse – really, what else could a girl ask for?) but those old school paperbacks have the ability to make us feel mysterious, romantic, and a little bit nerdy. To honor these glorious veterans of literature, I went on the hunt to find the most original and chic novel worthy accessories. A special thanks to all the Etsy girls out there!

(1) Rule of Three: A trio of books necklace by Bantambooks, $105

(2) Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle Brass Cuff by JezebelCharms, $40

(3) Spine Bracelets by bibliobags ,$15

(4) The Book Ring by BadWolfBurrow,$60

(5) Ordinary People Stud Post Earrings by literaryluxe, $5

(6) Vintage Book Jewelry Box by KissEveyComma, $39

(7) Floating Invisible Book Shelf by retrograndma, $14

(8) L’hiver Stacks by TheBlackSpotBooks

Because there’s a little librarian in everyone…

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One thought on “Etsy Gets Some Book Lovin’

  1. This is a great collection, it shows the applicability of books to everyday life very well!

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