Artist Profile: Rach from Visual Basics

You may have been wondering whose responsible for that rad sketch on the Little Girl, Big Eyes Logo.  Wonder no more. Let me introduce you to Rachel Nhan, or Rach, of Visual Basics.

The Skinny

A college senior at Texas A&M University with a degree in Visual Studies (basically a Computer Animation degree with varied focuses on Art, Photography, Computer Programming, Architecture, and Graphic Design). Rach previously studied computer science, but detoured onto a more artistic route.

Why she rocks

This girl has a unique definition of personal style and is capable of recognizing others as well. She started a little thing called “Blogger Sketch Sunday“. The event began as a personal goal: to focus on 52 bloggers and create 156 sketches in one year. What started out as a simple drive to complete one of her many unfinished art projects led to a blogging phenomenon.

Why I can’t get enough

I love street style. It’s art. One thing I’ve learned from living in New York and London, and even Boston is that you can absorb so much individuality and personal style from the streets. Every now and then, a fashionista’s got to peek her head up from those fashion magazines and realize the same ingenuity seen on the runway is portrayed on the streets. We all inspire each other.

When asked about her inspiration, Rach admits, “I’ve always sketched bloggers in my free time for fun”.

Oh and she bakes Chanel cupcakes. Need I say more?

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One thought on “Artist Profile: Rach from Visual Basics

  1. Dagmara says:

    So inspiring! She is truly talented. You’re lucky to have her draw you a sketch for your blog! Nice blog btw, and thanks for the nice comment : ). I’m glad I can relate to someone who has been to both London and New York, haha. I’ve never been to Boston though!

    xx Dagmara

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