What You Missed This Week: Shopping Riots, Romantic Men, & Les Enfants take over French Fashion.

Time to catch up! Updates you might have miss this past week.

London’s shopping riots: characterized by their consumer choices?

U.K riots get confusing – is this a political matter or are people just trend hungry? “On Sunday morning, apparently, people had been not just looting H&M, but trying things on first. By Monday night, Debenhams in Clapham Junction was empty…the streets were thronging with people carrying Debenhams bags.” – The Guardian

French Vogue scrutinized for featuring 10 year old model – outrage doesn’t die down (Fashionista)

Not quite sure if I’m more repulsed by the exploitation of a child modeling for a publication targeted at an older audience or a little pissed off that with unemployment rates increasing, minors seem to be snagging all the job in the fashion industry.  On the upside, Tavi has a new celebrity pal to hang with during fashion week. You know, if they don’t make it to the after parties…

Still single? Maybe it’s time to reconsider that vaca  to Vegas, or any other cities not listed on the top ten cities to find romantic men, for that matter. Phew, Boston made top six. – The Boston Globe

Long awaited Kate Moss September issue cover released – Due to hit newsstands August 23rd

Kate hands down had the wedding of the year ( pshh and no, I don’t mean Middleton). She’s such an iconic figure in the fashion industry and its pretty amazing to see her look so natural as opposed to rock n’ roll. Plus the bridesmaids shots are purely spectacular. – The Fashion Spot



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