JAYE Magazine Launches December Issue

What a fabulous week – two of my favorite digital magazines launching new issues back to back! While we’re still catching up with Papercut’s November issue, we can’t help but dive into JAYE Magazine’s highly anticipated December issue either. Only joining JAYE a month ago while the magazine was going through an abundance of staff changes, working closely with this talented team has been an exciting leap into what I can only hope will be an even more gratifying journey (Thank to Editor in Chief, Michael Jones).

There are different reasons why I love working with each different publication based on their various audiences and lively mantras.  I love reading Papercut the way love reading Nylon. The excitement you receive from reading independent magazines found almost by mistake in Manhattan’s hole in the wall corner deli’s and magazine stores. That burst of refreshingly new and emerging designers, photographers and stylists. Creativity to its max. Risque editorials, intriguing articles, learning things I had no idea were going on in the fashion industry – those are reasons why Papercut is a monthly staple.

Then there’s JAYE. The bible for college students (and beyond) worldwide. Let’s face it, I’ve subscribed to Seventeen well beyond my high school years. Hey, I’m 22 and I still flip through it time to time. JAYE becomes that go to guide for girls in their twenties. I like to think of it as my issue of Lucky – my shopping guide with affordable budget pieces as well as designer duds. My personal make up artist, my support group through tough times with inspiration from real cover girl role models. Covering topics revolving around fitness and health aside from style – our mental self needs some good reads too, am I right? And for those reasons I incorporate these monthly masterpieces into my busy life. Without further delay, let’s check out some of December’s highlights (of course, the whole issue is available here). Let us know what you think!

Cover Girl and actress, Mani Yarosh, discusses her opinion of education while pursuing her dream career. Her interview is a must read.


Alyssa’s Lookbook, my monthly column, focusing on the perfect heavy knit wintry unform

How to incorporate brights into your wardrobe… and into the workplace!

My picks for holiday and cocktail parties – featuring trends from runway’s Resort 2012

Holiday gift guide with inspiration for everyone on your shopping list – keep an eye out for Shopper which wil become a staple in JAYE for future months!

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