Miranda Kerr’s Three Course Breakfast

In honor of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show which snagged a spot on thousands of Facebook statuses and stole a unforgetable hour from numerous college students and men across the country last night, I’m sharing with you Miranda Kerr’s diet (because you know you’re just a little bit curious). And no it does not include celery sticks or cocaine, now isn’t that refreshing?


Metro had the chance to interview the top model who lost her baby weight ridiculously fast (and was given the chance to wear VS’s $2.5 million bra) on just what she does to stay so fit. Aside from yoga and Pilates, Kerr is a fan of eating organic (just check out her blog). Here is her usual three-part breakfast, that inspired me to make veggie smoothies first thing in the morning: ” I like to start the day with a fresh green juice with kale, spinach, cucumber, beets and lemon. Then half an hour later, I have a power smoothie which has Sunwarrior protein powder, chia seeds, maca powder, raw cacao, bee pollen, goji berries, noni juice, Vitamineral Green and coconut water. Then an hour after that I’ll have oatmeal or eggs. That’s my three-course power breakfast.”

I did some research and found out  that the best time to drink blended smoothie or juice is in the morning because that’s when our body needs alkaline, easy-to-digest, liquid-y foods. We wake up dehydrated and acidic and are usually not ready to overburden our digestive systems with rich, complex meals. Naturally I was up for the task. I love smoothies and I’ll take almost any excuse to make one.

You don’t need to follow Kerr’s exact recipe though. Read below to find out what combo will work for you!

Leafy Greens

Dark, leafy greens blend naturally into green smoothies. Spinach is very mild in flavor, but provides 2,813 IU of vitamin A and 8.4 mg of vitamin C per raw cup. Spinach also provides more than the recommended daily value for vitamin K and is a source of folate, iron and potassium. Other highly-nutritious dark, leafy greens you should consider adding are romaine, arugula and kale.


Parsley is more than a garnish on plates at the local diner. Add ½ cup of the greens to a vegetable smoothie to consume 5,055 IU of vitamin A, 80 mg of vitamin C and 984 micrograms of vitamin K. The leaves are also a source of folate and iron. Choose flat leaf parsley, sometimes called Italian parsley, because it has a milder flavor.


Although technically a fruit, avocados are often classified with vegetables. Avocados add a natural sweetness and smooth texture to vegetable smoothies. In a 1-cup serving of pureed avocado, you get 186 micrograms of folate, over 1,000 mg of potassium and 48 micrograms of vitamin K. A cup of pureed avocado is also a source of most of the B vitamins and the trace minerals copper, zinc and manganese. Avocado does boost the calorie and fat content of your vegetable smoothie. One cup of the puree has over 350 calories and 34 g of fat, most of which is the heart-healthy unsaturated type.


Cucumbers are 97 percent water and as a result are very low in calories. One large, peeled cucumber has just 34 calories. One large cucumber provides vitamins C and K, folate and trace minerals. A cucumber’s mild flavor helps create a frothy, cool texture in vegetable smoothies.


You can add lemon or lime juice to bring a tang to vegetable smoothies. If you prefer a sweeter smoothie, blend a green apple into your vegetable smoothie. Adding cilantro and jalapeno create smoothies with a spicy kick.

Now that you know I’m secretly a smoothie junkie, look forward to seeing some of my new recipes in the future.

If you want to read more on Miranda Kerr’s diet check out the interview with Metro.

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One thought on “Miranda Kerr’s Three Course Breakfast

  1. It’s nice to see a model promoting healthy eating habits. The first juice she has is a great cleanser. Lemons and beets are great detoxifiers. I’m not crazy about those smoothies that incorporate a ton of supplements, but it’s clearly working well for her.

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