Blogger Spotlight: Anca – Stefania Tudorache

If Tavi Gevinson didn’t prove anything by being the world’s youngest fashion video blogger (ahem 13?) then I’m not sure who will. Sixteen and a half doesn’t sound nearly as young, especially in the fashion industry when the average runway model is eighteen. I caught up with blogger Anca- Stefania of Romania on how she got her start, taking inspiration from the classics,  and what the fashion industry means to her. Prepare yourself for some hefty advice from this little lady.


Blog: 16 and a half

How did you start blogging? 

I was a model for 3 years. After i decided to stop being one, i was thinking about a new hobby.

So i started one [fashion blog]
with the pictures that inspired me and so on, but after some time i wanted to post my own outfits. So here i am!
My fashion muse is
I get inspiration from everywhere! Although, I do love Audrey Hepburn’s style.
Biggest fashion faux pas?
Fake leather leggings
My fave handbag is 
A. Designer (x)
B. Vintage 
D. Other
 Currently Reading?
Just finished reading Kafka, The Process
What do you carry your school books in? 
An oversized grey Guess bag
Finish this sentence: The fashion industry should not refer only to clothes or style, it should refer to personal choices, feelings. It
should give people the inspiration to living their life in a happy, original way.

The best celebrity fashion moment was when Marilyn Monroe
wore that white dress.
On my Christmas list
a gold watch
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