Street Style: Grunge-Chic

Fellow Fashionistas inspire style all over the streets.

Who ever thought grunge-chic could look so good?

Here are a few key pieces to get this look and adds on to make the style wearable during chilly winter days:

Bullhead Black  – Special Edition Short  $36.50

Charlotte Russe – Snap-Collar Pleather Jacket $44.99

Forever 21  – Womens White Boxy Cropped Top $10.99

ADDER – Lace Up Flare Heel Boots $150.00

Koret – “Turned Out” Leather Shoulder Bag $139.99

Forever 21 –Womens Gold Interlocking Bangles $4.80

Forever 21 – Womens Black F1517 Sunglasses $5.80

Shorts aren’t for summer time only. Make the grunge-chic look winter wearable by layering tights underneath!

Forever 21 – Womens Black Fishnet Tights $2.50

Betsey Johnson – Set of 2: Solid Black Microfiber Tights $35.00

Don’t forget your toesies! Keep them cozy in shearling trimmed-leather boot.
Carlisle Nubuck –  Leather Ankle Boots $168.00

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One thought on “Street Style: Grunge-Chic

  1. Yes! Finally something about Leather Shoes.

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