The Bag Diaries: Kylee Edition

The Little Girl, Big Eyes team is excited to introduce a new column:  The Bag Diaries! Let us know what you think.

Meet Kylee, a 20 year old American student studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I ran into her and her bag during the last week of classes in a century-old palace turned school, but not without getting a glimpse of what’s in her bag!

As a student of fashion, Kylee won’t settle for just any bag. The bag she’s seen carrying here is one she recently purchased at the infamous San Lorenzo markets of Florence–a fantastic place to make Italian leather purchases. Somewhat understated with its lack of logos and embellishments, the softness and rich color of the high-quality calfskin is what this bag stands for–the beauty of genuine Italian leather. The top also folds over to one side, which is perfect for trying to avoid pesky pickpockets in Europe!

What’s inside:

 Keys to her Florentine apartment; a map of Florence (on her at all times – just in case); red wallet (also bought at the San Lorenzo markets); reading glasses and Moleskine planner that show the student in her–note the creative in-class doodles!; Android that helps her stay in touch with friends and family back home, and lip liner along with two lip color options (need not be explained for this on-the-go fashionista).

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