Blogger Spotlight: Ten Minutes with Jana Kirn

We caught up with Jana Kirn, a fashion blogger over at Wolf & Willow. The aspiring fashion stylist will be making the trip north this summer for an internship with Free People. But in the meantime, hear what’s on her mind right now!

Jana on her blog, Wolf & Willow

What sparked your interest in blogging?

After following my favorite go-to fashion blogs for a few months, I was inspired to start my own as a creative outlet for my style and photography musings. I wanted something fun and productive to do in my spare time so I decided to create my blog.

If you had to sum up your style in three words… which three would you use?

Relaxed, boho and grungy. I wish there was a word to represent all three of those!

What did you have your eye on for Christmas this year? 

A new lens for my camera!  And some new boots.

Name one trend from the 90’s that you hope never makes a comeback.

Short sleeve turtleneck shirts

Who is your celebrity crush?

Orlando Bloom. More specifically, Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Yum

If you had to pick one thing to bring with you to a deserted island what would you bring?

I would bring my boyfriend

Aww…on that note, check out Wolf & Willow to see more on Jana’s effortless style!

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