Bodyglide – The New Healer of High Heels!

I mentioned  Bodyglide awhile back in the post, Beauty Must Have That Nobody Talks About, and introduced a solution for long distance runners dealing with chafing due to sports bras and irritation from cotton clothing.  Well I’m back and still raving about Bodyglide, but for a different reason of course!

Living and breathing fashion for four years of my collegiate life, I’ve encountered many women who choose beauty over pain. I’ve witnessed women limping, forcing smiles on their painfully unhappy faces as they trudge up and down city streets, and seen the few who stand out because they flat out look like their walking with a stick up “your you know where”. Honestly though, I am not judging – I’ve been there. While interning in NYC, I’ve routinely changed from five inch heels to flats mid elevator ride, carrying garment bags in one hand and Hopstopping subway directions on the other. And I’ve endured the cruelty of walking those routes, wanting to call it quits, as I felt blisters forming on my feet, all those times I carelessly left my flats in my apartment.

 But I’m sure this isn’t news to many of you. For years women have been almost expected to endure pain for beauty, for fashion.  Luckily we live in a generation that relentlessly searches for solutions to these issues. I’ve tried it all, gel insoles and cushions that promise to eliminate blisters. And although they help, I’m not sold.  Which is why I was ecstatic heard that women were using Bodyglide on their heels to prevent sores and blisters. The product continuously finds new uses – it should be a staple in every girl’s beauty cabinet. Like baby powder and safety pins, it’s a quick fix for many and you’ll never know when you might need it!

Have you used Bodyglide before for running, high heels, or other uses? If so, comment below and submit your story to Bodyglide’s Real Story Campaign. They are looking for real people who use their products and have great stories to tell.  It can be anything from how you overcame an obstacle in sports like running your first marathon or participating in your first 5k, or how one of our products has helped you in another aspect of your life, like living with Diabetes.

To enter click here and remember to show your support by liking them on Facebook!

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