Designer Spotlight: Loon, Crane & Heron Distribution Co.

Sometimes the most inspiring people can be a group of young fellows who decide to do something for the common good, and that is exactly what Loon, Crane & Heron Distribution Co. has set out to do. Loon, Crane & Heron is a very young and independent streetwear company based in Akron, OH that produces apparel and accessories.

I caught up with Tony Becker, Creative Director of the project, to find out more about the brand. Check out the interview below along with their website to see what LCH is all about, and maybe even show some support to these hardworking young guys!

Where and when did the idea for Loon, Crane & Heron come from?

I was broke, and without direction. That was the main reason that Loon, Crane & Heron came to be. I saw my roommate at the time, who’s a freelance graphic designer, doing amazing things and working with amazing people. Clothing was always more of a passion for me–finding things that other people don’t have, or haven’t seen. I wanted to be my own childhood dream really, so I started this to make it happen.

What message do you want your brand to convey?

I believe that people can do anything, have anything, and be anything they want once they realize that they can. I want LCH to help people realize that they can–the only thing working against you is time.

 Fashion is…

Everyone always tells you to be comfortable in your own skin, but really, how many people see you naked compared to seeing you clothed? Haha, you’ve got to feel good in both of your skins. Everyone has that outfit or that shirt that they put on and feel like they can take on the world, the one you wear right after it’s out of the dryer. Fashion is the way you carry yourself in that shirt.

 What’s playing in the background while you’re working?

Lately, it’s been a lot of MF Doom, or Drake’s new album. I found a version of “A Change is Gonna Come” by the Harlem Boys Choir that’s been on repeat all week.

My biggest inspiration comes from…

Life, my empty wallet, and the city I live in. I honestly hate both–I’m very open about not liking Akron. I’ll never claim to put the city on my back, I’ve got enough on my back already. I want to build myself up, build this company up, and then come back and build the city up. I want to make it big enough to really change this place.

Our generation needs to…

Wake up. We’re young and we’re not using it to our advantage.

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

I want to see my mom a lot more than I did last year. That’s my only real resolution.

 What’s in store for LCH in 2012?

Being so new, there’s a lot in store. We’re putting out our first crew necks and pullover hoodies early in the year, and also breaking into accessories, along with exclusive skateboard decks towards spring. Right now, I plan to have four more shirts out between now and March, and am almost done designing for the spring releases along with three short films for the “I Hate My City” releases.

Like what you see? Like them on Facebook here!

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2 thoughts on “Designer Spotlight: Loon, Crane & Heron Distribution Co.

  1. Tyler says:

    This is rad. Its good to see someone has a dream, and a reason.

  2. […] might remember reading about Loon Crane and Heron in our exclusive interview with designer, Tony Becker. Check out the premiere of their newly released  internet commercial, […]

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