Blogger Spotlight: Stacey Lamb

Stacey Lamb, 21, is a picture-taking pro. Her photography skills and love for travel is a combination built for brilliance and her jet-setting obsession has taken her everywhere from the beaches of Bermuda to the diverse cultures of Europe.  Luckily, you can also catch up with this traveling trend-setter on her blog, Slamb the Jam, which features her fabulous photos alongside her own nomadic journeys around the world. I got to sit down and pick her brain, and I must say, I could listen to her sight-seeing stories for hours on end.

Stacey at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

What inspired your love of photography?

I first got into editing homemade films of my cat and random family shenanigans. Once I realized I could take this somewhere more realistic and less embarrassing, I got into photography my junior year of high school.  I did black and white film photography which was great, but a bit frustrating, so I got more and more into digital.  I discovered Juergen Teller, and it was game over–I had to get into fashion photography.

What is your absolute favorite thing to photograph?
My favorite type of photography is fashion photography, specifically editorials in outdoor places–I gain so much more from shooting the details in life than against a blank wall.

Stacey's first-ever beauty shoot.

Your blog is called ‘Slamb the jam’. Who is currently your favorite artist to ‘jam’ out too?
I am currently into Jack Beats.  I’m a huge dubstep fan, and their beats bring something new to the game.  When you hear them, you can’t help but smile and move.  I saw them a few weeks ago in London, and their performance was life changing–I don’t care how dramatic that sounds!
What is your most prized possession, other than your camera?
Besides my camera, I would say my most prized possession is my jewelry collection.  I’ve been collecting jewelry for years from family and friends, bead shows and cities all over the world.  If I ever lost these, I would be extremely upset mostly for the memories some of the items bring me.
Where is the most amazing place you have ever been?
That’s hard since I’ve seen so many cool places–this summer I backpacked across Europe, I’m currently studying abroad in London and I’ve traveled for years with my family. But my heart will always lie with Bermuda. I was born there and maybe I’m a bit biased, but Bermuda is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve seen. People are friendly, life moves at a relaxing pace, and the sun brings out my freckles.
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