Stylist Spotlight: Terence Edgerson

From a small town in Michigan to The Big Apple, this guy has finally found his niche. Terence Edgerson leads the way to  a life where he can fulfill his passions and dreams at last in the city that never sleeps.

1. Why did you make the switch from the Midwest to the Big Apple?

I think I made the move because I felt I could truly reach my potential in New York, there is no better place in the U.S. All the experiences I’ve had here, good and bad have helped me to grow in so many ways. The people, the parties, the stories, the everyday encounters on the street, I love it and there’s no place that makes me come alive more then New York.

2. Was it hard adjusting?

Was it? Oh my goodness, yes! Very much so, one of the hardest adjustments I’ve ever had to make. I left my comfort zone for a world where I knew nothing and no one, so trying to adjust to this new city was very trying on me emotionally. I went home a lot because I wasn’t sure I could handle living in the city so far away from my family, my friends and everything I knew. It’s a very big adjustment but so worth it in the end.

3. Who do you think are the most promising up-and-coming designers today?

I don’t know if Jason Wu is still considered an up and comer but I love his work. I think he knows who the Wu woman is and he creates the most divine dresses. I think him and Prabal Gurung are the two young designers to watch. Prabal really is everywhere, celebs are eager to wear his designs and you can see why cause they are so beautiful and well designed. He’s also one of the nicest designers I’ve ever met. He is so gracious and humble. We’re going to see so much from him in the future I’m sure of it, I hope he gets into menswear. Speaking of menswear I’d have to say I love Marlon Gobel, the guys behind Numberlab, Patrick Ervell and Michael Bastian. Those four are the ones with the most promise and I can’t wait to see what they deliver in February for fashion week.

4. What qualities make up a good fashion magazine?

There’s so many things that make up a good fashion magazine and that’s why so many exist. I love Vogue because it takes you to another place. Almost a fantasy world and that’s what you need in a fashion magazine. Something that makes you dream, something to get lost in. I want to ooh and ahh when I flip through. I love Instyle magazine because I find it speaks to the everyday woman which is a must-have quality. Could she wear that? Can she afford that? What will make her pick this magazine every month? My favorite men’s magazine is GQ. It is really the best out there. Not only do have the best style selections but they also have in depth stories so there’s a great balance there.


5. What is your ideal holiday destination and why?

Anywhere with my family, whether were home in Michigan or in New York it doesn’t matter. I just love being with my family for the holiday’s. I also consider summer a holiday because it’s my favorite time of year so my ideal holiday summer destination would be the south of France so I could lay around and drink white wine on a boat without a care in the world.

6. Which modern day fashion designers or fashion icons do you look up to?

That’s hard to narrow it down. Well, I love Tom Ford during his time at Gucci. Those ads, those shows, those clothes! That to me was fashion at it’s peak. Navel bearing silk tops, smoky eye and sequins for your life. All of it was just pure sex and glamor.

I love Riccardo Tisci, I think what he does at Givenchy is so spectacular that I almost cried when I saw the couture collection. I kid you not I was looking through photo’s thinking this man is a genius.

I love Alber Elbaz at Lanvin, no explanation needed. I can’t really think of any Fashion icons besides Carine Roitfeld, Andre leon Talley and Ms. Wintour all of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Those three for me are what style truly is. Their style is each their own, many have attempted to replicate it but you cannot come close to it. Andre is so over the top and his wealth of knowledge about fashion goes so far back that you can’t but be amazed by this man. I’ve always looked up to him. Carine is icon not only because her style is impeccable but because she dares to push boundaries in fashion, from styling Gucci to her move as EIC of french vogue. Emmanule is great but french vogue will never be what it was. Anna to me, is what fashion is all about, you don’t have to look far to realize that. Look at the met ball, look at the September issue, what would this all be without her?

7. What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Oh gosh that’s so tough. I have three. My first gig that I ever got paid for was assisting Rachel Zoe at GM style show and dressing Carmen Electra. Such a major moment for me. Then did I realize I wanted to be in that world. I would have to say my first season, attending shows at fashion week in Bryant Park, will always be a big highlight for me. Coming to New York to volunteer at the tents and then returning a year later and sitting front row!? That was mind-blowing to me. My other highlight is from my friend Ryan Mcginley’s party at B.east during fashion week, dancing with Lady Gaga, Phillip Lim, Brad Goreski and a ton of others. It was an unforgettable night. I’m just really fortunate that I’ve been able to have all the experiences that I’ve had because I’m really just some boy from a small town who came to new york knowing no one and wanting to be a part of this glamorous fashion world.

8. What songs are on your iPod right now?

Falling – Florence + The Machine, At Last – Etta James, Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj, Marry the Night – Lady Gaga, Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap, The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson, Gravity – Sara Barielles, Adele’s entire album, True Affection – The Blow.

9. If you could raid one celebrity’s closet who would it be? Why?

Florence Welch – She has the best style. It’s just so effortless. YSL, vinatge, Gucci, you name it, she has it. It’s very boho chic with a pinch of uber glamour. I’m really obsessed with her and Ryan Gosling, I want to be him. Out of nowhere really I feel like he became this uber suave guy and I like it. The double breasted suits, the loafers, he kills it. It doesn’t hurt that he’s ryan gosling either but i mean really there aren’t many other guys out there doing it as well as Mr. Gosling is doing it.

10. Your favorite thing about yourself is…

My favorite thing about myself is that I’m independent, I’ve always been that way. I do what I want and I make choices for myself instead of letting others. It’s always best to be a leader then a follower. I’ve never tried to be anyone but myself and I think that’s what I like most about myself and am most proud of…. staying true to who I am.

11. The number one item on your wish list is…

A new cape!!! A boy can never have too many capes and I think it would be the perfect outerwear piece come nyfw’12. Just putting it out there in case any designer wants to design me a black cape with a hood.

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