Intern Spotlight: Allison Bouis

Allison Bouis, 20, is a current fashion merchandising student at Florida State University. Some might recognize this Miami native from her work on College Fashionista . After interning with Michael Kors this summer, she is ready to continue her love of anything vogue. Her witty humor and sarcastic charisma filled this interview with non-stop laughs. Read on to hear all about her awesome summer and to find out what she will be wearing this season!

Allison’s go-to tea shop during her summer in Manhattan.

What started your love for everything fashion?

I think that I realized I was obsessed with clothes after realizing that the only thing I paid attention to in the television show “The Magic School Bus” were all of the different outfits Ms. Frizzle would wear. Or the first time I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s and fell in love with Givenchy- it’s a close tie.

What was the most mind-blowing moment you had while interning with Michael Kors this summer?

Every single day had those kind of moments, but watching him judge Project Runway at night and then going into the office the next morning to work in the same room as “the” Michael Kors? Insane.

Finish this sentence: The trend I’m most anxious to sport this winter is…

Bell bottoms! And faux fur. Faux fur is everything.

Which celebrity fashion icon would you associate most with your own style?

  • A. Nicole Richie- bohemian hipster
  • B. Blake Lively- sophisticated sexy
  • C. Kate Moss- rocker chic

A! Nicole Richie rocks.

Describe what you wore on New Years

Metallic, sequins, stockings, suede platform booties, and a red lip. What else does one need in life?

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