Photographer Spotlight: Ten minutes with Christoph Schaller

You might already recognize Christoph Schaller for his effortless cool style on and his opinion on thrift shopping in my article in Papercut Magazine ,  but this German boy is a double threat. I caught up with him about his latest photograhy gig, see what he had to say!


AD: You have almost 4500 fans on Lookbook, have things changed since you started posting looks? Have you done any cool collaborations or been offered any modeling gigs?

CS: Well, I started some time ago and I must admit I didn’t really have a clue about the whole thing back then. Since then my photography has improved a lot and my personal style has developed quite a bit, I guess it never stops changing though. My looks have been getting a lot of attention lately and I want to use this opportunity to really say thank you to everyone who comments or writes me personal messages! I try to respond to every single one because I really appreciate all the kindness! I have done some collaborations with brands such as viparo, or online shops like menlook. I haven’t been offered any modeling gigs and I must admit I usually am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

AD: If you had to describe your style in five words or less, what would it be?

CS:  Simple, casual, skinny jeans.

AD: Who takes your photos?

CS: Friends (with some photography skills) mostly… 🙂

AD: Favorite place to shop?

CS: Weekday, Acne.

AD: If you could choose to own one collection by any designer who would it be (and why)?

CS: I would probably choose the Swedish brand Acne. I love their style and the quality of their garments. When I walk into an Acne store I could buy every single piece without hesitating.

AD: What prompted you to get into photography?

CS: I don’t really know what drew me to photography in the first place, but when I got my first camera (it was a birthday gift) I started taking a lot of pictures and I really got obsessed with it. I went out everyday to learn new things – how to use light effectively, how to work with the settings of my camera, how to photograph people, how to use photoshop, etc. etc. – and I learned quite fast.

I really like the creative possibilities you have with photography. I love to let an image emerge in my mind and then be able to convert it into “reality”. I believe that photography can communicate feelings like no other medium. Looking back at my first one or two years of photography now it all seems like a bit of a dream. Everything went so fast and I’m really thankful for all the great experiences I’ve had. I want to keep challenging myself continuously though, it’s my goal to shoot for vogue before I’m 25 years old.

AD: You clearly have amazing style, do ever act as a stylist for your fashion photography shoots?

CS: Well, my fashion images are quite minimalistic concerning the styling. I want people in my pictures to look raw and natural, I don’t really do high fashion photographs and I actually want to keep it like this for now… I did do the styling for all my shoots so far but it wasn’t too much of a challenge if you look at the images.

AD: If you had the chance to photograph anyone, who would it be?

CS: Tallulah Morton! I think she’s amazing, she looks like she’s from a different world.

AD: What city is on your “wishlist” to visit at one point in the future?

CS: I’m planning on going to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore this summer. Besides that I really want to visit Australia some time soon.

AD: What are your three fashion must haves for spring?

CS: I must admit I’m not the best at naming must have items but I’ll try J.

          I know they have been cool last season already but I really like the new version of the Prada brogues which they just did. Gaultier is wearing them in this picture and I think it looks awfully cool!

          I own a really cool black leather bag already but I’m planning on getting a brown one, made out of some other solid material than leather. I’ll see what I can find…

          At the moment I can’t think of a third one but I hope the first two make up for it 🙂

Take a peak at some of Christoph’s photography below. You can view more at

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