The Bag Diaries: Megan Edition

This week I ran into Megan, a 21 year old student from small town Ohio, on a snowy winter evening. She was on her way to meet up with her boyfriend for a date night at the movies–the perfect source of entertainment during freezing Ohio winters! I took a glimpse into Megan’s bag to figure out the essentials of this student/girlfriend/movie-goer.

The Bag

 Coach shoulder bag

Why it Rocks: It’s girly, flirty and fun with Coach doodles written all over it in gold, on top of a plaid pattern in pink, orange, lime green and blue. Both fashionable and functional, with its two sturdy straps and its lustrous golden detailing!

What’s inside:

Driver’s license; University of Akron ID card for that movie theatre student discount; car keys; Blackberry Bold; purse hanger she received as a Christmas gift; digital camera; academic planner; gift card to Regal Cinemas, along with Regal Crown Club card for popcorn discounts!; Reese’s Minis for her and Milk Duds for him (their own little movie tradition); gift card for dinner at their favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory; Trident gum, dental floss and lip tint–essentials to accompany dinner and a movie!

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