Fashion Week: Nicole Miller

Coming to a close is one of the most wonderful times of year – Fashion Week!

Although there have been many fabulous designers showing off their goods this week I decided to focus on Nicole Miller. Attention shoppers: if you are a fan of combining a vintage feel with a feminine modern twist – look no further!

Nicole Miller’s Fall 2012 collection offers plenty of alluring looks to choose from. Her collection was inspired by Jimi Hendrix and the Seventies. Watching model after model, you feel as if you revisited the decade of the past (and all the trends it had to offer) but snap back to present time due to her bright digital prints that are combined in the collection.

Visiting from the Woodstock era were long fringe on the bottom of skirts, bell bottoms, ruffles on silk blouses and alpaca trim. As a black leather coat with a metallic brocade frolicked down the runway, I fell in love. Digital motifs showed off modern technology and just how far fashion has come. The mood then evolved into all black, rock-chick territory with suede T-shirts, and velvet skinny trousers.

I was a personal fan of the mixed flowers with blocky jewel print. Her ability to re-create a retro style that works with the current trends and demands from consumers makes me a total fan of her and this collection.

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