Steal Her Style: Hair Edition

When it comes to stealing celebrities’ style, we just can’t resist. The same thing goes for their hairstyles, as well! Let’s admit it: whenever we walk into the salon, we’re usually carrying a photo of of the celeb who’s inspired our latest haircut. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite looks celebs are wearing now–for any and all hairstyles–to serve as hair inspiration for 2012.

Mary Kate Olsen is a trendsetter at best, and she also serves as inspiration for the center part. Celebs are shifting from side parts to this symmetrical style, and it looks fantastic on all types of hair, be it curly or straight!

The complete opposite look? A cute, quirky pixie like the one Michelle Williams has been sporting for awhile. If you’ve been thinking about chopping off inches, go ahead and do it. A pixie is super versatile; you can wear bows, headbands, or tons of gel in it–whichever you prefer!

The fishtail braid is the latest braid craze, and we’ve been seeing it all over Hollywood–even on the red carpet! Nicole Kidman is seen here pulling off this trend beautifully. If you have long hair, give this style a try. It’s easy to do, and there are even tons of how-to videos popping up all over the web about how to make a fishtail braid, like this one here!

Continuing on with the theme of braids, braiding only pieces of your hair and incorporating them into the overall look can add simple, subtle fun to a hairdo. If Jennifer Morrison can pull this off on the red carpet, then you can wear it anywhere!

Which celebs will serve as your hair inspiration this year?

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