Street Style: Hot Wheels

Let’s take it as a big hint from the street style crowd that it is time to go green! Streets across the globe are being filled with fewer cars and more bicycles as more and more people catch onto this trend. Whether you’re cycling to avoid the heated masses on crowded buses and trains, or for just a quick joy ride around the city, cycling is the chicest way to go green and mix up your exercise routine. For the perfect bike-friendly outfit wear lightweight trousers or shorts matched with a great pair of sunglasses to avoid the intensity of the sun while still managing to look fashion-forward.

Here are some looks from the streets!

One chic way to switch your bicycle look up would be to add pops of color to the mix!

Want the look? Here are some of our favorite picks!


Sveltina Donna Bicycle , $1200, Abici


The Verso , $300, Kettler Capri Cruiser

Go ahead and purchase yourself a trendy, new bicycle! And if you already own a bicycle, don’t hesitate to take it out for ride!

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One thought on “Street Style: Hot Wheels

  1. Sharon says:

    Okay, the second picture with the woman in heels. . . I do love it. I haven’t rode a bike in so long. I really need to buy myself one, not only for the green factor, but also for the fitness.

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