Get Spicy!

Although spices are not what first comes to mind to a healthy diet, they actually provide so many benefits to your body. Herbs and spices not only make and meal tastier, but they also are scientifically proven to improve your health!

Ginger. You can slice and dice it and add Ginger to stir-fries for fabulous flavor or sugar coat it for a sweet treat.  Along with being anti-inflammatory, ginger is a natural digestive aid and helps get rid of nausea and upset stomach.

Chili Pepper. Peppers are some of the most anti-inflammatory vegetables!  Peppers include capsaicin, which is a potent inhibitor of substance P, a neuropeptide associated with the inflammatory processes.  The hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it contains.

Cinnamon. Cinnamon lessens inflammation, reduces blood sugar, and has anti-microbial effects.  There are many ways to enjoy cinnamon – sprinkle it on your oatmeal, yogurt, latte or in your stir-fries.  With so many benefits, cinnamon is one spice not to pass up.

Rosemary. Rosemary is the perfect accompaniment to poultry and roasted vegetables.  This multi-tasking spice stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, aids in digestion and is anti-inflammatory on top of all that!

A must try roasted rosemary chicken recipe!

Curry/Tumeric. A staple component to Indian cuisine, curry adds a unique flavor to foods. Try it in a stir-fry, on grilled meats or in curries. Many take turmeric supplements to ease the pain of arthritis.

Oregano. Oregano has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, plus is very nutrient dense and full of fiber.  Oregano is the perfect spice for Italian or Mediterranean dishes.

Garlic. This potent seasoning has both anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties.  Studies also suggest that it can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  Garlic is great roasted, diced and sautéed, dried – it works well with sauces, grilled and roasted meats, salsas, soup, stews, and stir-fries.

Check out this delicious garlic asparagus recipe!

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