Foods That Boost Your Bad Mood

No, I’m not talking about Ben & Jerry on a lonely Friday night– I’m talking about healthy foods that have certain nutrients in them that will biologically make you happier no matter what state of mind you’re in.

The Situation:

Stressed out due to finals overload.

The Problem Solver:

Eat chocolate! Eating just a little piece of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, has the power to lower stress hormones in the body, reducing your anxiety!

The Situation:

Exhausted from that long work day.

The Problem Solver:

Eat spinach salad. Folate helps your body regulate blood flow and nutrients to the brain. Impaired blood flow can leave you feeling sluggish and slow to process or recall information. Eating folate-rich foods like leafy green vegetables, potatoes, fortified breads and cereals, beans, peas and mushrooms will give you the boost you need.

Must try this delicious spinach salad recipe from!


The Situation:

Your neighbors had a raging party  last night and you got absolutely no sleep. Short story, your grouchy.

The Problem Solver:

Eat an apple with peanut butter. Carbohydrates are a great source of energy, but it quickly burns out, so adding some fat or protein will slow the digestion process, causing your energy levels to remain stable for a longer period of time. An apple is a good example of a healthy complex carbohydrate and the peanut butter is a healthy fat. Combining these powerhouse foods tastes delicious and gives you energy that lasts!

The Situation:

Your fighting with your BFF.

The Problem Solver:

 Drink green tea. Green tea contains theanine, which calms you down and helps you maintain clear concentration and focus. Green tea’s modest amount of caffeine won’t send you into an angry rage, because it’s gentler on your body than coffee.

The Situation:

Your anxious about giving a toast at your sister’s wedding.

The Problem Solver:

Eat salmon. Salmon is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which is a nutrient that may help tame your anxiety. Regular consumption of omega-3s prevent and treat of clinical depression. And there’s growing evidence that omega-3s also help reduce anger and irritability.

Yummy salmon sandwich recipe from Add some spinach for that extra mood-boosting touch!

The Situation:

It’s winter, you haven’t seen the sun in ages, and your feeling down.

The Problem Solver:

Eat whole-grain cereal and milk. Sadness has to do with a deficiency of vitamin D in your diet, because it produces serotonin, which is the “feel-good hormone” that makes you calm, relaxed and happy. If you’re low on vitamin D, you may be affecting your body’s ability to stabilize your mood and reduce feelings of depression. To boost your intake of vitamin D, turn to lowfat fortified milk, fortified cereals or mushrooms.

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