Upcycled Accessories!

For those of you who don’t know what Upcycled Acessories are, you’re in for a treat!

Upcycling is an eco friendly trend that saves you money and benefits the earth. You take things that would normally end up in the garbage and re-purpose them to make an interesting addition to your outfit!

Here are some ideas:

Old T-shirts make beautiful scarfs.

$32.00 Etsy.com, Sandeeknits

Old Tape Rolls and Left Over Fabric Make Beautiful Bangles!

$ 9.95 Etsy.com, VintageStarrBeads

Comfy wool sweaters make a great pillow!

$30.00 Etsy.com, Formwork

Computer Chips Can Double As Earings.

$10.00 Etsy.com, ZillwenCreations

Old Shirts Can Be Put Together For a Whole New Creation!

$62.99 Etsy.com, Creolesha

P.S. These awesome ponchos are made to order!

For more ideas feel free to check out these books, they’re filled with ideas to turn your trash into treasured items!

UpcycledAccesories $20 @ Biggerbooks.com

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