Start the Day off Right- Smartest Breakfasts

It’s been said many times not to skip out on breakfast. Ever wonder why? Just by eating breakfast in the morning, you will have the energy and nutrients that you need to increase concentration, it will help you maintain a healthy body weight by kick-starting your metabolism, it will make you less hungry during the day, it will give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and it will provide you with energy that’ll last throughout the day

Here are some smart breakfast choices that will have you working at your highest potential!


If you make this classic favorite the right way, it will give you a great jump start to your day! Instead of adding cheese, bacon, and sausage, add in lots of vegetables. By doing this you’ll avoid extra calories, fat and sodium–and you won’t even notice they’re gone with all the delicious flavors from the veggies! Also if you’re trying to cut weight, try making an egg white omelet without the yolk.

Can’t imagine starting a morning without sausage or bacon? Satisfy your cravings by substituting turkey bacon or a veggie sausage from Morning Star!

Try this delicious egg-white omelet recipe that will give you plenty of energy to last all day!


It is loaded with fiber and complex carbohydrates; this means you will feel full for longer and will have consistent energy through your day. Aim for old fashioned oats – they have less sugar than the instant packets. To enhance the taste and health quotient, you could add bananas, berries, almonds or nuts, whichever of these is at hand.


Throw in your favorite fruits like melon, berries, mango and pineapple. You will be surprised at how good it tastes. In fact, fresh fruits will go well with nearly anything else you can think of for breakfast. What’s more, fruits are low in calories.


If you like some toasted bread on the side, the whole wheat variety is a lot healthier. The whole grains will offer you much needed fiber and will help you stay satiated and energetic for much longer than you would be with refined breads. As a topping, you could use peanut butter, hummus or even low-fat cheese.


You can make a much lighter and healthier smoothie, without the added sugar, juices, and artificial sweeteners like the ones that are sold. Add natural juice, blended with Greek yogurt and soymilk. This is definitely delicious and a super healthy breakfast choice to start off your day with. Low fat with lots of protein!

This layered fruit smoothie not only looks great, but is made with all natural ingredients!


This is a great healthy breakfast choice to start off your day with. Skip the mayo and add a hummus spread and whole wheat bread, and you will get an excellent mix of healthy carbohydrates and proteins.

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