Made in the USA

 Help bring the jobs and prosperity back in the United States!

Having trouble finding stylish and cool brands that make their goods in America? In today’s post I am going to show my favorite picks from retailers you probably never knew existed – (AND produce their goods in the USA). You will be amazed at these gorgeous products!

C&C California:

Ministripe Banded V-Neck Top, $58.00,

Tab Sleeve Cowl Neck Top $108.00,

Sequin Tank $62.00,

Tiered Hem 3/4 Sleeve Top $63.00,

3/4 Dolman Twist Tee $58.00,

Maxi Skirt $68.00,

Archival Clothing:

Columbiaknit Striped Tee – $45.00

Shawl Cardigan $190.00

Billykirk Skinny Cuff, $45.00

Stretch Skinny $290.00,
Chambray Boyfriend $260.00,
Royal Blue Long Classic Straight Leg, $127.00,
White Long Classic Straight Leg, $102.00,
Kelly Green Long Classic Straight Leg $127.00,
There are countless brands that still produce their goods in the USA today. A lot of these brands get lost in the google search shuffle and are replaced by cookie-cutter basics. If you have been on the hunt for  products made in the USA and keep falling short you’re in luck! Click here & indulge 🙂
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