Spotlight Interview: 10 Minutes with Dual-Blogger Rachel Schwartzmann

Rachel Schwartzmann does not only have one incredible blog, but two! Her blogs The Style Line and Le Style Child really embody her personal style and provide her readers with an up close and personal view of the fashion world through her eyes and her experiences. Recently she was a guest panelist at WWDMAGIC Trade Show. See what she has to say about staying grounded, working with TeenVogue, and what moving over eleven times across the county has taught her about herself and her style.

T: If you had to describe your blog in three words, what would those words be?

R: I have two blogs and this is how I would describe each of them:

The Style Line: Inspirational, International and Fashion-Forward
Le Style Child: Personal, Eclectic, Emotional

T: What is the best part about running your own blogs? What’s the worst?

R: Running my blogs has become almost like a full-time job and in addition to this I’m learning how to juggle the responsibilities of school, my relationships, my other interests and my physical and mental health. In short, blogging is not easy, but for me it is extremely enjoyable. The best part about it, is that no matter what direction I choose to take in terms of my career, I will always have blogging as a creative and personal outlet. Yet I’ve gotten questions from my readers asking if I am paid to blog or if I am doing it solely for monetary purposes. I think that may be one of the harder aspects of blogging, is making sure you keep a confident and grounded voice and vision. I never want my readers to think that my blog has gone from expression to a business venture, because that’s just not the case. Although I accept sponsorship I think the worst part about running a blog is making sure it doesn’t turn into one big page of advertisements!

 T: You have such a unique and great style, who and what inspires it?

R: Well thank you! My style has evolved a lot over the years and it’s mainly in part to living in New York City. I am very inspired by street style, as most any other blogger would say, but I am particularly fond of what I see on Tommy Ton’s blog Jak & Jill and Scott Schuman’s blog The Sartorialist. I’m also very inspired by the Olsens, Anna Dello Russo and my fellow fashion bloggers. I feel that bloggers really personalize the trends and come up with some really stellar and eclectic combinations. Plus the internet is so easily accessible, it’s hard not to become inspired!

T: When your not blogging, what else do you do?

R: Sleeping! (Just kidding) I’m hanging with friends, and my boyfriend. I’m going to (music) shows, or museums and depending on the weather I’m walking around my favorite areas and places such as Soho, Union Square or Central Park. There’s really always something to do.

T: Where is the greatest place you have ever been and why?

R: I’ve lived in three states (California, Texas and now New York) and within those states I have moved eleven times. I have also traveled to New Mexico, Delaware, Nevada, Canada, Spain and France. I can’t choose one destination. They all have something equally beneficial to offer, and although I prefer some locations over others, as corny as it sounds I have discovered a new part of myself in every single city I’ve been too. I really feel that the more we travel and the more exposure we get, we become more aware of culture and of ourselves.

T: I see that you were featured in many different blogs and magazines, which was the most exciting for you?

R: Any press is good press right? That expression always bewilders me. Seriously, every feature has been rewarding in it’s own way. I particularly like interviews from websites (such as your lovely self!) just because I can offer a more in-depth experience rather than just seeing a street style photo with a snazzy caption–but don’t get me wrong I love those too. But I think being featured for the Teen Vogue website was the most exciting. They did a full length spread on my old dorm room, and on my personal style, plus I got to add some of my own commentary. I worked with Naomi Nevitt (Teen Vogue’s online editor) and photographer Mark Iancosta. They were both great, so everything came together really nicely…. And if you want you can check it out here:

  T: What is your favorite item in your closet?

R: Oh please don’t ask me that question it’s way too hard! I have to give you a broad response and say my shoes. I have a great collection, I could go on for days… I am a shoe fanatic. I’m not exaggerating.

T: Who is your favorite designer?

R: Favorite designer… hm. Well after attending WWDMAGIC as a guest blogger I got to network with some really great brands and I really fell in love with Matt Bernson and Julian Hakes who are both amazing footwear designers (so definitely check their stuff out!) For accessories I also love Jeffrey Campbell, Pamela Love, Cambridge Satchel and Rebecca Minkoff (for apparel too). I love Mary Katrantzou and I’m really sad I couldn’t get a piece of her capsule collection for Topshop… Hmm, there’s more. I love Jill Stuart, Carven, 3.0 Phillip Lim and the list goes on!

9. Where is your favorite place to shop?

R: I’m a vintage and thrift-store/cheapie maven. I love Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet and similar stores. I also love fast fashion so I’m an H&M girl. For online shopping I stalk Nasty Gal and

10. What items are, in your eyes, timeless?

R: We were just discussing this at WWDMAGIC. It’s hard for me to pinpoint an exact item, but what I will say is that any piece that flatters any body-type, age or personality is timeless. It has to be versatile and wearable throughout the seasons, So I guess with this in mind, my personal classic/staple would be a black leather jacket– you just can’t go wrong.

Be sure to Check out Rachel’s Blogs! The Style Line and Le Style Child

And feel free to follow her on Twitter as well @Thestyleline

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  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    i love the sandal heels! they are amazing!

    Loretta xx

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