Break Your Sugar Craving

We all have that soft spot for sugar, some of us more than others. Because these sweet treats are so delicious, it’s hard to pass them up. And even when were not presented with them, they still manage to linger in our minds. Here are ways to finally but an end to your sugar craving and have you feeling healthier and happier.

Good nutrition. A healthy body is a happy one, and if you’re going to try to get rid of a sugar habit you need healthy food! Statistics show that individuals who switch up their diets end up craving healthier sweets like strawberries and melon rather than junk food that can loose its appeal.

Stop feeding the fire! This won’t be easy but try to stop eating it completely for at at least a week, and stick to it. Even though dietary changes are usually gradual, sugar tends to inspire cravings which are refueled every time you give in.

Limit sweets in the house. You don’t need to eliminate all of the goodies – I like to keep a bar of sea salt dark chocolate in the freezer for ultimate chocolate cravings. But do toss the processed junk food, sugar flooded cereals, and switch out ice cream for frozen yogurt if you can!

Develop alternative behaviors to divert yourself from cravings—they will pass eventually so it’s best to distract yourself for a bit while they are strongest. Choose other foods to snack on so you won’t focus on sweets. Make sure the other foods you choose are ones you enjoy!

instead of ice cream, try these Greek yogurt fruit pops! They're not only delicious, but a great alternative.

Don’t surround yourself with distractions. Distractions from habitual eating can include taking different routes between locations (to avoid walking by that bakery), substituting behaviors (there are no cookies at the gym) or choosing different foods or beverages during certain activities (mint tea instead of ice cream).

This will take time and it WON’T be easy but if you do this step by step you won’t even think about it anymore!

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