Top Reasons Why You Cannot Miss Out on Our BFW Event!

Haven’t RSVPed yet? We’ll give you a few more reasons to get on that ASAP 🙂

1. Complimentary admission – Hello! We feel you, money’s tight – that’s why we’re totally encouraging you to spend money on the important things – Like jewelry and drinks!

2. This is the night to dress up in that outfit you bought on impulse and didn’t get a chance to wear this Summer – Those open toe color blocking heels are not a lost cause!

3. You’re a social media junkie. Admit it. Your iphone is pretty much begging you to instagram this night and it hasn’t even arrived yet. Don’t forget to tag us @skilerlove  so we can see these juicy photos. And yes, if you must ask – this event will definitely be Facebook worthy.

4. You have a great appreciation for emerging designers and artists and you want to show support.

5. Those business cards that have been lying around – use them. Network. Make new friends (maybe buy them a drink).

6. It’s a bummer when you see someone walking around in the same made in China knockoff and you want to be the first to purchase something unique from the new Skiler Love collection, Bohemian Luxe. Guarenteed to be made right here in Boston.

7. You want to see what all the commotion is about – it’s okay to be curious!

8. To get your hands on one of the limited quantity items that we’re making specifically for the event. A Skiler Love original? Now that’s what I’m talking about.

9. No shipping. If you’re in the Boston area you’re one of the lucky ones. Even if you’re looking for a product that’s not available the night of, we’ll give you free shipping on any orders placed on September 30th. Now isn’t that sweet?


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