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Featured Skiler Love Sky-List: Kaitlin Madden of “Lux & Concord”

Start your day the trendy way, brought to you straight from our Sky-List, Kaitlin Madden, of the local fashion, food, events and nightlife blog, Lux & Concord!


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Budget Friendly Valentine’s Gifts for Him and Her

If  your bank account is still hurting from the previous holiday season, don’t fret. I’m here to help you have a successful Valentine’s Day without successfully wiping out your savings!

Giving a photo shows how much you cherish the times spent together and captures priceless memories, but a thoughtful frame doesn’t have to be pricey!  They do say a picture is worth a thousand words – what could be better than that?

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Blogger Spotlight: Stacey Lamb

Stacey Lamb, 21, is a picture-taking pro. Her photography skills and love for travel is a combination built for brilliance and her jet-setting obsession has taken her everywhere from the beaches of Bermuda to the diverse cultures of Europe.  Luckily, you can also catch up with this traveling trend-setter on her blog, Slamb the Jam, which features her fabulous photos alongside her own nomadic journeys around the world. I got to sit down and pick her brain, and I must say, I could listen to her sight-seeing stories for hours on end.

Stacey at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

What inspired your love of photography?

I first got into editing homemade films of my cat and random family shenanigans. Once I realized I could take this somewhere more realistic and less embarrassing, I got into photography my junior year of high school.  I did black and white film photography which was great, but a bit frustrating, so I got more and more into digital.  I discovered Juergen Teller, and it was game over–I had to get into fashion photography. Continue reading

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$50 Worth of Merchandise from Baubles & Rocks Shop! 6 days only!

Face it, Christmas is right around the corner and we know all you thrifty shoppers haven’t crossed everyone off  your holiday list just yet…

Baubles and Rocks is a premier online jewelry shop that offers a collective mix of funky, trendy, and classic pieces that you won’t want to live without and with the killer pricing, wont have to!

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Handcrafted Jewelry – Island Cowgirl (50% off!)

Can you believe it’s almost December? With gift giving on everyone’s brain, I’ve decided to focus my upcoming posts on great gift ideas. Stay tuned because many will include awesome deals that are only available for a limited time.

Designer Heather Kraty creates unique rugged-romantic pieces inspired by the beauty of everyday life. Each piece is carved and etched by hand and dipped in sterling silver.

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